What Makes It Perfect For IBS/IBD

Hot Hugger was originally designed to help my girlfriends pain with Crohn's! Seeing how "life changing" it was with her symptoms inspired me to keep going to help more people suffering from the same.

Main Benefits:

Get on with your life. The adjustable arms mean you can effortlessly take your Hot Hugger anywhere. Great for making plans with friends or getting on with that  work when your symptoms are bad.

Heat therapy is an amazing way to instantly relieve IBS/IBD pains drug free! 

Discrete. When going out with your Hot Hugger hide it under a baggy jumper or have the hella aesthetic design on show. You won't feel like you stand out or feel like you've got a medical aid at all.

No Hassle. We know with IBS/IBD it can be SO tough and you will probably be using your Hot Hugger all the time. Thats why we made sure it was extremely easy to use and so comfy to wear.  Easy relief ✅


What People With IBS/IBD Are Saying