Shipping policy

when you place a Hot Hugger order:

We’re going to carefully package your order in our environmentally friendly recyclable packaging. Send it off as quick as possible, because no one likes cliff hangers and long waits. All you have to do for us now is relax and we'll take care of the rest. If for some reason there is an issue with your order. Just contact us and we'll be more than happy to sort it out.

Receiving the parcel:

(Disclaimer. This is what it might and most likely feel like)

The delivery man dressed in a wizards robe arrives and hands over a brown card recyclable package.

They do this with such care, like it's their baby and they know it will have a better life with you. A tear trickles down their blushed cheeks. The two of you part ways and you take the package inside, placing it down in readiness to open. All a sudden Mariah Carey starts playing and its Christmas morning. A bit confused but very excited you peel away the lightly speckled card bag to unwrap a creamy soft bundle ."Oh no you didn't!". You mutter alone to yourself. "A fluffy warm puppy!?".  "It's the best present ever!”.

No It is not a puppy. But your Hot Hugger will have you questioning this with how comfortable and relaxed it makes you feel. We are sure the two of you will become inseparable.

Now you are finally happy in life.

The Other Important Bit:

(Possibly later if due to a turn of unfortunate events)

UK Delivery

(Shipped from our UK wearhouse)

48 Hour Tracked £3.99


For UK mainland, We will try our hardest to get your order out in 24 hours but it could take up to 72 hours. Shipping should take between 2-6 working days from the date of dispatch (sometimes longer). When we ship your order you will get an email confirmation and tracking number. Weekends, public holidays and bank holidays may cause longer waiting times.