The 3 best sleep tips from the world's fittest man

Here are his top 3 tips to help you sleep better:

Tip 1

No blue light for 90 minutes before bed, 8.30 the phone and TV gets turned off. I don’t have to go to bed but I can’t be on my phone or watching TV.”

Tip 2

“Waking up naturally to light is way better and feels way better than waking up to an alarm so I got a giant lightbulb”. Fraser is referring to the Phillips Dawn simulator.

The use of light instead of sound is a more natural way to start your body ready for the day. It simulates sunrise and is great for your circadian rhythm.

Tip 3

“My room is held at 68° because that’s the ideal sleep temperature.”


As you can see from the above, light is one of the factors that has a huge impact on Mat’s bedtime routine. He makes sure his surrounding light is giving his body the correct signals for his desired outcomes. This makes sense as our bodies are naturally designed to react accordingly to the day's sleep cycle. (Bonus tip) That’s why getting sun first thing in the morning is a great way to calibrate your circadian rhythm and kick start your day.


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