Why You Get Cold And How To Stay Warm

What is cold? An absence of heat energy

What is heatHeat is the transfer of kinetic energy from one medium or object to another, or from an energy source to a medium or object .

There are 3 main ways to stay warm:

  1. Add more heat
  2. Create more heat
  3. Insulate existing heat

1)How to produce more heat

1# Eat more

Heat comes from the breaking down of energy in the body and energy the breaking down of foods! The less food you eat the less energy is converted into heat.

consume food (energy) → energy breaks down → heat is produced!

2# Friction creates kinetic energy, which expels heat, for example, rubbing your hands together.


2) How to add more heat

#1 Move

By moving around you are pumping blood into your extremities, such as your hands and feet. The reason extremities get cold is common because your body is drawing all your blood to your core to keep your vital organs warm.

#2 additional heat source

  • A great additional heat source to heat you up is a warm bath or shower. This is brilliant for raising your body temperature and relaxing you.
  • Hot food. Avoid cold foods or drinks as your body has to use up valuable energy to heat it up to body temperature once consumed. Instead consume hot foods and drinks such a cooked meals, soups, tea and coffee.


3) Insulate existing heat

#1 Fat is a great insulator of heat and acts like a natural first layer of clothing. This is why bodies tend to naturally gain on average around 5-7 extra pounds in colder months.

#2 Layers. More clothes and layers are the best way to insulate your body’s heat. It is better to wear multiple thin layers than one thick layer. This is because heat can be trapped in between each layer, keeping you warmer for longer.


2 birds 1 stone

The Hot Hugger is effective at getting you warm quickly because it is an additive heat source that conducts directly into your body at the core. In The Science Of Warmth by Scott Dusek, he writes:

“The most important part of your body to keep warm is your core”.

Not only does the Hot Hugger bring in additional heat it also insulates the core with another layer wrapped around it. The super soft cuddle fur is an insulator trapping heat in for long periods of time.

It is really good at getting you to that right temperature and keeping you there. You can always loosen or take your hot hugger off for a few minutes to reduce your temperature.


The super soft cuddle fur and soft cotton lining insulate the bottle so well that you can enjoy the heat for long periods of time.


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