Size Extender

Not sure if the Hot Hugger is going to fit you? Get the extender! This enables you to increase the size of the Hot Huggers,

making the Hot Huggers wearable circumference to around 120cm.

The extenders length is 42cm long

£8.00 £12.00
Save £4.00

Color: Grey

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Fabulous Product

"Bought this hot hugger to ease my stomach cramps. It really is fabulous, it sits neatly around the tummy, I hide it under a jumper, stroke its gorgeously soft cover, and it leaves me hands free for daily jobs whilst doing its stuff to comfort."

A Game Changer

"I would definitely recommend this product , as a woman who has the most horrendous periods and struggles to sleep with the pain. This is perfect to keep in place whilst in bed and I’ve even wore it on my dog walk . Brilliant product"

Best Purchase

"I bought this recently after seeing it on TikTok and it’s amazing, i wear it constantly and it stays warm for a long time considering it’s a lot smaller, so convenient to wear out and about aswell!"


Nothing in your hands, nothing getting your way.

Heat therapy

Instantly relieve cramps, aches, and pains.


Warm soft cuddle fur melts your tension away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to use:

3 Easy Steps

1. Fill the bottle with hot water
2. Close the cover
3. And relax!