Deep Sleep Mask

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Sleep well and look great

A breathable, naturally cooling sleep mask that increases relaxation and comfort to your eyes to fall asleep easily. It's 100% Light-blocking to make you sleep deep through the night without waking up. Designed and backed by dermatologists for healthier skin while you sleep.

✓ 100% Mulberry Silk (highest quality)

✓ Fall asleep quicker and deepen REM sleep

✓ Goodbye puffy eyes & wrinkles

✓ Hypoallergenic

Sleep's Magic Touch: Unlocking Perfect Sleep, Always.

Easier falling asleep and uninterrupted rest throughout the night with 100% light blocking material, a secure fit to stay on your head without slipping off, and full-face coverage, promoting deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

Designed For Comfort

Its ultra-slim design ensures unparalleled comfort, making it feel like it's barely there. Whether you're a belly, back, or side sleeper, the Deep Sleep Mask will always be comfortable. And thanks to it's secure but adjustable fit, it will stay on your head. All night.

Dermatologists Love the Deep Sleep Mask

I recommend Hugger Comforts Deep Sleep Mask to all my patients. It increases the effectivity of your serums and moisturizers, while the softness of the silk avoids the forming lines and folds in your face.

Drs. Kristel Woltman

Discover Nourishing Sleep

The Deep Sleep Mask not only enhances sleep quality but also alleviates skin issues such as puffy eyes, wrinkles, and irritation, thanks to its soft fabric that minimizes friction and antibacterial properties powered by silver ion technology.

Proven benefits, proven results


Reported falling asleep easier

Based on a four-week independent customer panel


Experienced increased REM sleep

Based on a four-week independent customer panel


Noticed a reduction in under-eye bags.

Based on a four-week independent customer panel

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